Dead Town Nothing Biography.

Dead Town Nothing hail from the south UK and  started in the summer of 2011, having formed from the ashes of "Cry for Silence", "Adelphia of Kings", "New Set of Bruises" and "Penny's Dropped." 

The name "Dead Town Nothing" was lifted from the Boston hardcore outfit " The Hope Conspiracy", and with a mutual outlook at where Dead Town Nothing hail from the name came into it's own.Since forming Dead Town Nothing have been a familiar face on the UK Touring circuit, playing venues far and wide and creating a buzz to their unique style of Hardcore Punk Rock. 

Having notched up various support and headline slots around the UK, Dead Town Nothing's vision has started to focus on Touring Europe and the UK. After the release of their first album "Dead Town Nothing"  DTN will be returning to the studio in 2014 for their second instalment due for release later this year. 

The future is bright and Dead Town Nothing want to be part of it.

Dead Town Are: 

Ash: Vocals 

Dave: Guitar 

Sam: Drums 

Nick: Bass

Connor: Guitar 

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